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Faucets are financed by advertising and are a lucrative way to get bitcoins. The following providers have been checked and are all paying - in which stages is listed below in tabular form. Assuming that the Bitcoin price continues to rise over the next few years, this results in a considerable hourly rate - in the long term. 

Calculation example:
12 Faucets (4 Surveys + Claims) give an hourly revenue of 28300 Sathosi - which is a current value of $ 2.40 (November 2019). With a multiplication x70 this would be already 170$.

All you need is a bitcoin address (wallet). There are a lot of possibilities to create these. You can choose between providers that provide applications for mobile devices (Android + iOS), desktop devices (Windows, Apple, Linux) or online or browser-based wallets. You can also read about how to conveniently receive bitcoins while surfing.
> Cryptobrowser

An overview of wallets with detailed information on advantages and disadvantages are summarized very well here: 
Cryptowallets for Professionals

The safest way though is to purchase a hardware wallet. 
The Ledger Nano S / X has proven itself. All coins are stored on an encoded "USB stick".


To be able to use all Faucets, you’ve to create a profile at – their revenues from most of the listed providers are transferred there centrally. 

Legende to bonus*-column (table):
A > Apps, B > Betting, D > Daily Bonus, G > Games, L > Lottery, Mi > Mining, Mu > Mulltiply, O > Offers, S > Surveys, V > Videos

NameFoundedClaim / h Referral Bonus* Min. Withdraw Registered>
freebitco.in201620 satoshi / 1x25 - 50%B, L, Mu, > faucethub.io32.000.000Claim now
cointiply.com201730 satoshi / 1x25%D, L, M, O, S, V0.00035000670.000Claim now
bitfaucet.app201920 satoshi / 1x50%O0.00035000~2.500 activeClaim now
i-bits.io201960 satoshi / 12x20%-> activeClaim now
earncrypto.com2018-10%A, O, S, V0.00021253no infoClaim now
bitcoinsfor.me201226 satoshi / 12x5 - 20%G, Mi, S, O, V0.00000500~150 activeClaim now
satoshilabs.net201820 satoshi / 1x10 - 20%G, O0.00002700~170 activeClaim now
allcoins.pw201860 satoshi / 12x25%G, Mi, O0.00015000~750 activeClaim now
sunbtc.space201560 satoshi / 12x20%-0.00001000no infoClaim now satoshi / 12x5%-0.00001000no infoClaim now
fautsy.com201684 satoshi / 12x20%-> activeClaim now
dailyfreebits.com20146 satoshi / 1x10%-> faucethub.io5.000 activeClaim now
faucethub.io2016-2%L, Mu, O0.00025000~26.000 activeClaim now
adbtc.top20167 satoshi / 1x5 - 10%Ads0.0002000063.000Claim now
get-paid.com2008-30%O, S, V0.00012000no infoClaim now

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